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Manuel Busto Amandi, founded the winery in 1939 for the production and commercialisation of natural cider with the brand “M. Busto”.

Subsequently, following the expansion of its facilities, a new range of products was added to its catalogue, frothy and refreshing cider and cider vinegar MAYADOR; products that will soon become a national level brand and allow their export activities undertaken in the 70s.

On 16 September 2000, the family business established today as MANUEL BUSTO AMANDI S.A., starts a new business level.

In a natural setting of a new 40,000 m2 warehouse facility which opens forefront, allowing the development of a wide variety of products, especially “non-alcoholic sparkling drinks”, that have made it possible to enhance the international presence of the company.

“From the cider, the inventor was a humble Mayador.”